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Collecting model trains and model railroading is a hobby that is becoming very popular; this is actually hobby that is enjoyed by so many people. It can be relaxing, existing, will allow you to show your creative side and have real good fun while you are at it!

The hobby varies from young children having model trains right up to adults spending thousands of pounds on specialist trains. These people often spend hours and hours creating scenery and looking after their trains. Some trains are very precious.

There are train societies across the countries which are filled with people who are passionate about model trains. The first ever model train society was set up in London, UK in 1910. At this particular society they have several hundred model trains and over 5,000 books about model trains.

Model trail layouts vary dramatically, from the very simple oval plastic track right up to the realistic city landscapes. A lot of modelers take a lot of time and energy creating the perfect landscape. Many create a fantasy world and some create exact replicas of towns and cities. Constructing this model train scenery can be very difficult so the people who do this have to be very skilled and creative.

When you first start collecting model trains you may find that it is quite an expensive hobby. Some collectors pay thousands of pounds for specialist or rare trains. However the amateur model collector can easily pick up a model train for less than a hundred dollars if they shop around so it need not be an expensive hobby.

Itís quite outstanding that so many people enjoy this hobby, more people collect model trains than ever before. And I totally understand why, model railroading is a creative hobby that anyone can do. There are clubs, stores and magazines all devoted to the hobby. Start collecting model trains can be very appealing to young and old. However, if this hobby isn't for you, you can always try something else like collecting stamps.

Quick Tip #1

Buy From Specialist Model Stores Ė I recommend that you always buy your model trains from specialist stores as there are often experts in these stores who can help you find the right train for you. You may also find that model trains are cheaper from specialist stores.

Quick Tip #2

Start Small - When you buy your first model train, donít spend a lot of money. You should start with a fairly low cost model. There is no point spending hundreds of dollars only to decide after just a few short weeks that you donít enjoy collecting trains.

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